ITTEHAD Machinery Group

The Largest Machinery Group In Pakistan

ITTEHAD Group is basically an Engineering Group established in 1970, manufacturing textile/sewing machinery and accessories thereof. The local made textile machinery could not compete the challenge of advanced technology of the World and hence confined to cottage industry. ITTEHAD Group entered into import of all types industrial machinery in 1992 and has now become one of the largest machinery groups in Pakistan. Being pioneer of New and Re-conditioned Garments & Apparel machinery imports in Pakistan, ITTEHAD has proven a track record of steady and solid performance, which takes excellence and long term growth as a basis of its corporate philosophy.

For the last many years, the latest high technology machinery like GRACEFUL Sequin Embroidery machines, Richpeace Garments CAD/CAM Systems, Richpeace Fully Automatic Fabric Spreading Machines, Needle Detector machinery, Sunstar Automation Machinery Korea, Quilting Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, CNC Wood/Plywood Cutting Engraving Machines, Water Filtration (RO Plants) and the latest Multipurpose Fiblon Fusing Press Machines are now available in ITTEHAD Ware House round the clock. ITTEHAD Group is the only recognized importers and stockiest who are supplying all sorts of Garments/ Apparel machinery, Food Processing & Packaging Lines, Automatic Injection Molding Machines throughout the country. People rightly say:

The best short & economic route to industrial machinery always passes through ITTEHAD only.

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Head Office

Madina Market, Garden Road, Karachi.

Tel: +9221 32767997, 32721079, 32724605, 32722184

Fax: +9221 32768004


Lahore Branch

96, McLeod Road, Lahore.

Tel: +9242 37243701, 37354749

Fax: +9242 37246786


Power House / F.B. Area Branch

ITTEHAD Machinery Group, Plot A-8, Block 19, F.B.Area, ashid Minhas Road, Karachi.

Tel: 36400648-58

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